Thursday, July 16, 2009

No More Stitches!

Yesterday marked day number 6 since I had George removed from my arm.

I went home yesterday afternoon determined to convince Heather that the stitches had been in my arm long enough. I was afraid that they were about to become a permanent part of me.

She and Jessica had just come in from Birmingham. Heather had a doctor's appointment at the ARC Clinic (that went very well, by the way) and then they had shopped, had lunch at Tavern on the Summit, shopped some more, had their nails painted all different colors at the MAC store, shopped some more, and then made their way back to Tuscaloosa.

Poor things were tired.

But Heather loves anything medically gross, and Jessica, who seemed just as excited about pulling things out of my arm as Heather, volunteered to help.

They obviously were not as tired as they let on to be.

So I sat down on the sofa and braced myself. And it was a good thing that I did because Heather at that point announced to us all that my arm may have gotten to the stinky stage.

Whoa. Put the brakes on. Nobody told me anything about stitches being stinky. Furthermore, I do not stink. In fact, I put quite a significant amount of value on good hygiene. I have bathed at least twice a day for the past 6 days. My arm did not stink, and I made sure I let them both know that.

So we moved on.

Jessica held the flashlight and narrated what was going on for me since I wasn't about to watch. At one point she told me that I was half-way done though. Yeah!!!!Then just about that time Heather announced the removal of stitch #2. I had 7. And Jessica is a teacher. 2 is not half-way to 7, Jessica.

It pulled quite a bit, and managed to suffer through the process, but I think I must have ended up being possessed by some foreign being. Look at my eyes.... hisssssss!

Now I am stitchless, although I do have steri-strips on there for a couple more days.

Everybody at work has been commenting on my arm today.

Hope ya'll have a good day, and I hope you are getting some of this good rain.
We sure do need all we can get of it.


Jess said...

Love, love, love it!! You both are like family to me and especially now that I have shared this experience with you. No 2 is not half of 7, but I was trying to make you feel better, like I do with my students. Everyone needs encouraging!!

Lianne said...

You need to buy something pretty for those girls! Lord knows I wouldn't have done that for free. Those pictures look like some crazy episode of "ER." Glad to hear you are healing up!

Derek said...

Don't worry Lianne. Those two are not lacking for pretty things. They do very well for themselves. :)

Heather said...

Believe it or not, Derek's story telling completely depicts our day to day life. I live it and still enjoy reading the "replay". This day wouldn't have been "the day" without Jessica. AND............Derek's arm is doing fantabulous. George and THE SMELL is gone! HA!