Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Harris

Saturday morning I got up wanting to get outside and play. So Heather and I loaded Hershey up and went out to Lake Harris. I hadn't been out there in years, and I'm still not sure that we were exactly where I remembered going to before. The main thing was just to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

The university ski team uses Lake Harris to practice. I can remember back in college going out there and watching them do stunts and tricks. Nobody was out there on Saturday when we arrived though.

I also remember one time some friends and I went hiking through the woods to this huge natural whirlpool. I thought that was where we were headed Saturday. But I was wrong. I think that might have been at Lake Nicol, which is still very close.

Heather pointed out a trail that she had been on before, and we started out. We could look out over the lake from high above on the cliffs.

The trail was fairly rocky, and very hilly. Hershey was all excited to begin with, but she tuckered out on all those hills, and her enthusiasm over being included in our adventure soon wore off.

When we got to the bottom at the creek, she found a puddle and plopped herself down into it.

This was the back side of another small dam.

And then we followed the creek.

I thought this was going to be the whirlpool. But it wasn't. That will be another day's venture.

Hershey got hot and had to find her a shade to sit under.

We stayed for a while and played in the water. But we eventually had to head back to the car. And guess who was too tired to walk back? Yup. Hershey. She'd make a few very slow steps and stop. And then another couple of even slower steps and stop. So I carried a wet dog most of the way back to the car. At least up the hills anyway. She was pooped!

Our friend Ben Judd got married Saturday night and we went to the wedding and to the party after. I don't think Hershey even knew we had left the house!

Ya'll have a great week!


Heather said...

You left it up to the pictures (which were very good) to describe this trip. This was a much needed, relaxing time in the middle of nowhere. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Derek said...

I continue to be impressed with the camera on this Blackberry.

Leslie said...

I'm new here -- clicked over from the Alabama Bloggers site. I live in T-town and have not walked this trail before. Would you mind sending me an email with some directions to the head of the trail? My kids would love it!

Rachel said...

This looks like so much fun. Where exactly is it?

Visiting you from AL bloggers.