Friday, July 17, 2009

Hogwarts Tonight!

I got our Harry Potter tickets!

My sister, Sharee, and my nephew, Ethan, are on their way from south Alabama to Tuscaloosa to spend the weekend with us. Sharee's birthday was yesterday, so they decided to get out of town and hit the road.

She called the other night and wanted to know if we could do sushi at the house one night while they were here. I told her I didn't even know they liked sushi. Well, they don't know... they've never tried it. So I decided that home would not be the best venue for a first-time sushi experience. It's fun and all, but lets face it, I am no sushi chef and it is sooo much better in a restaurant.

So we are going to Hokkaido for dinner. It's a hibachi-style place, and I thought it would be entertaining for Ethan. Heather and I usually just sit at a regular table. I don't think you can talk as well at the grill, and I'm usually kind of picky on who else I eat supper with. But tonight I think we'll go for the whole experience. And we can order sushi and have other options as well. My mouth is already watering for that rice with shrimp sauce... mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Then, it will be time for the main event. HARRY POTTER!!!!

I went ahead and ordered my tickets just in case they sold out. I'm ready.

I don't know what we are doing tomorrow. Maybe the Bryant Museum. Heather and Sharee may shop. Adam reminded me yesterday that there's a boat auction in town in the morning. Or we may go to Tannehill for Trade Days. I'm kinda thinking low country boil for supper....maybe with some friends too. I have a new cooker that has never been used. It needs to be broken in.

Whatever we do, I'll be sure and let ya'll know.

Have a great weekend!

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