Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friends.. What Would We Do Without Them?

Our sincere thanks goes out to our friends, Chris and Jessica, for being so good to us. Yesterday, while I went back to work, Jessica came over and stayed with Heather at the house.

They got pedicures, shopped on Ebay, caught up on the latest gossip, and just basically chilled. Which is exactly what Heather needs to be doing as she recuperates from her surgery.

Then after I got home, Jessica announced that she was picking up supper for us. So she went to Jalepeno's and brought back mexican.

Chris came over and joined us, and we all pigged out! Jess even went by Taco Casa and got bags of sopapillas because Heather absolutely loves them. It was all sooo good, and I ate until I was miserable.

After supper, we got out the Wii Fit. Chris was surprisingly good at the balance games, taking first place in almost everything he tried. Now I've gotta get to work and beat his scores!

When I was turning off the lights to get ready for bed, I noticed the Taco Casa bag still on the counter. I thought it was garbage, but instead it was gold! There were 3 more unopened bags of sopapillas in there! Now how nice is that?

Anyway... thanks, Chris & Jess. We appreciate ya'll more than you'll ever know!

Everybody needs friends like that!

Have a good one, ya'll.


Heather said...

Many, sincere thank-yous for numerous things. Love ya'll!

Jess said...

It is easy to love you guys!! Ya'll are the best!