Thursday, July 9, 2009

George has left the building....

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on my freakishly gross arm thing.

As it turns out, I didn't have a ganglian cyst. I don't know where I got that from. I may have made it up. Who knows?

It was actually a lipoma. Again, I turned to Wikipedia for an explanation. A lipoma is a benign tumor made up of fatty tissue. Approximately 1 percent of the population has a lipoma. Leave it to me to be in that 1 percent.

I'll just tell ya'll, Dr. Laubenthal is an awesome guy. I've had doctors in the past that are just basically doing their job and could care less about the person that they are taking care of. Not so with Dr. L. He takes his time and makes you feel like you are the only patient he has. You can tell that he genuinely cares about you and what he is doing.

And his office is ultimately cool. He played baseball for Alabama in college, so a lot of the office is themed around sports. The exam rooms all have names like "Coleman Coliseum" or "Bryant Denny Stadium."

His other passion is super heroes. And that is the theme for the rest of the office. For example, the room I was in today had a larger than life size mural on one wall of Spiderman swinging from building to building. The shelves in that room are covered in action figures that he has collected. There's a batman light on one wall, and a US map indicating where the forces of good and evil reside hanging on another wall. Very entertaining.

Dr. L is also a very snappy dresser, and he is the one who introduced me to Robert Graham shirts. So we talked a lot about those today. Look them up here... Very cool stuff!

So Dr. Laubenthal told me that anything as large as what he took out of my arm needed to be named. So I have named it George, because it was indeed a curious thing.

I didn't see what he was doing to me. I told him I didn't want to watch. But when he took George out, he asked if I wanted to see it.

It was gross. That's all I'm gonna say about it. Just gross. And I thought about saying, "Hey! Can I get a picture with my phone for my blog?" But I decided against that. So no pics.

I have 7 stitches. Didn't hurt a bit. He gave Heather a scalpel and told her that she could take them out in 8 days. He did say that it was a wise decision not to hit it with a Bible. He said that would have been quite painful.

And life just keeps on going....

Ya'll have a good one!


Katie B said...

Dang! I wanted to see it! lol

Glad you and George are now separated and doing well on your own. Do you feel that you've left something somewhere? Like a part of you is missing?

Lianne said...

Thanks for sparing us the grisly pictures!

Okay, so yesterday I shared that my dad had the ganglian cyst thing...well, my mom just had one of the lipoma tumors removed a couple of months ago. I am genetically doomed!

Glad to hear everything went well. I may have to check this doctor out once my freakish genetic tendencies surface.

Dirt Princess said...

Not gross, weird, but not gross! LOL!!! No, I wanted to see my tonsils after they took them out, and I did. The dr said that was the first time anyone had ever asked to see them. I want to see parts of my body if it has to be removed! LOL!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am certain it was a bionic chip or perhaps an alien "bug".Did you ever see Body Snachers from the 70's. Ummhmm. Glad your ok.

Heather said...

Completely impressive! The blog, the lipoma, the procedure, the conversation during the procedure and Derek's strength and bravery while being "sliced on". Great outcome all the way around!