Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th Weekend!

I didn't get to post this weekend, so Happy Belated 4th of July!

We ended up going down to Orange Beach. A week later than we planned, but we made it. Along with everybody else in the southern United States, it seemed.

It was a very spontaneous trip. I wasn't even sure that Heather would be up for riding that far, since she was only a week out of having surgery. But she assured me that she would be fine, and she was.

My father in law, Terry, and my brother in law, Hess, had planned to go down for a work day. We've all been trying get down there together since March, but schedules just haven't worked out for us. So when Heather and I heard that Terry was going down last Wednesday, and Hess last Thursday, we decided to go as well so that I could help out where I could.

I'm not the handiest person in the world. But I'm a pretty good gopher, and I can handle most tasks if I have a little guidance.

So we headed down Thursday after I got off work.

Friday was our work day. We replaced part of the floor in the bathroom, built a handrail for the new steps at the back door, and then replaced a section of floor in the kitchen. (Terry's chair had gone through the floor and dumped him in the corner on Wednesday afternoon!) We still have to lay new tile in the bathroom and kitchen, but at least we are back on solid flooring!

Hess and I also got the grass cut on both lots, and we caught Heather cutting back the shrubs. We sent her back inside though, and I cleaned up her trimmings.

Terry took us all out to eat seafood Friday night, and then he and Hess left Saturday morning. Terry headed home, and Hess headed to Lake Martin to join his wife and kids at his in-laws'.

Heather and I hit the beach. With every everybody else. It was packed!

I had my new backpack beach chairs, so we were able to pack efficiently and ended up with just a cooler in my hands. Heather had her tabloids and I had grabbed a new book at Publix, so we were content out there long enough for both of us to get nice and crispy.

We ate at Flippers at Bear Point Saturday night, and they had home-made ice cream for dessert! I do love me some ice cream. It was treat!

We knew we wanted to watch some fireworks. We are only about a mile from the Wharf, and we knew they would be shooting fireworks there, but we couldn't find anything that told us what time. Gulf Shores was having fireworks out in the Gulf at 9pm. So at first, we figured that would be our best choice. But then we couldn't figure out where to park to see them.

Little Big Town and Montgomery Gentry were scheduled to play at the Wharf. So I decided that maybe we should just grab some tickets and spend the rest of the evening there. And that is what we did.

I didn't really know much about either bands. But after they started playing, I knew most of the songs.

It was a great night. A breeze was blowing, the music was great, and everybody was in the spirit of the evening. We had a great time.

All the Who's in Whoville were out as well...

The fireworks started around 10:30pm, and were the perfect ending to our day.

Sunday morning we got out and walked around the neighborhood and over to the marina. The sun was already beating down on our burned shoulders though, so we didn't stay out too long. We packed up, cleaned up, loaded up, and started for home.

Until we got to Canal Road. And the traffic was awful.

Normally, I take the toll bridge and the beach express and avoid the main beach traffic. But Mama had phoned that morning to tell me that the birds are pecking big holes in Daddy's tomatoes, and that he wanted me to go by Al's and pick him up some rubber snakes. So we ended up heading over to the main road, and the traffic got worse from there.

We got those snakes though. All colors. I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot. Sorry. Use your imagination.

After about an hour or so in traffic, I pulled into Papa Rocco's in attempt to find a source of strength to deal with the traffic. After a half of a Chicken Club pizza and half of a Seafood Primavera pizza, we were back in full force.

It was at this point, that Heather made the suggestion that we by-pass the traffic and take the Fort Morgan ferry over to Dauphin Island. Neither of us had been out that way in years, so we decided to invoke our sense of adventure and come back home that way.

Now let me just say something here. I didn't know you could ride that ferry as a pedestrian only. I thought you had to be in a car. But Heather said that when they were growing up, Sue would take them to Fort Morgan all the time to ride the ferry over to Dauphin Island and back. I had never thought about that. You learn something new every day.

We ended up waiting about an hour to get on the ferry. Not a bad wait though.

After we got all lined up, with cars in front, behind, and beside us, I asked Heather if she had cash. (I had spent most of mine on $6 frosty beverages the night before at the Wharf.) She had none. So I got out and looked at the fee schedule, and we needed $20.50 to cross. I started rummaging through my pockets and the car, and finally came up with 16 bucks. Not gonna do it. And there we are all boxed in. Well I started to worry. I mean, how embarrassing is this gonna be??? So we walked over to the snack bar hoping for an ATM. No luck. Heather was picking out her popsicle when I pointed out the "Cash Only" sign. Well if we haven't got enough to pay for the ferry, we certainly aren't going to be buying ice cream.

So we walked back to the car, and Heather found the attendant to ask what forms of payment they accepted. Praise the Lord, they took VISA! So we were in the clear. But in the future, I will try to be more prepared for the adventure.

We went back and got popsicles from the snack bar and wandered around. Then we loaded up on the ferry and were off to Fort Gaines and Dauphin Island.

We stopped at Mama's and picked up Hershey, and visited with my sister and nephew as well. We ate some barbeque and fried apple pies, and then finally headed for Tuscaloosa.

Needless to say, we slept well last night. It wears us out, but it's so good to get away. On the way home, we were already figuring out the next weekend to go back.

Hope ya'll have a great week!


Heather said...

We have great times every where we go but this is one of our "homes away from home". Memories are made every day. It was also my first 4th of July at the beach (I think). It was an excellent addition to my recovery and seemed to find me more strength.

Lianne said...

Gorgeous pics! Oh, and feel free to come lay tile in my bathroom anytime!

Isn't the Wharf great!? We love to go ride that ferris wheel and eat at Dippin' Dots.

I can imagine what that beach traffic was like. Those backroads from the beach to Tuscaloosa look better every time we take the interstate down there. I heard that I -65 North was backed up from B'ham beyond Montgomery yesterday.

Dirt Princess said...

All the Who's in Whoville....I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Jess said...

WOW, what a weekend. Glad you two got the chance to get away. We need to plan a group trip soon!!

Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad y'all made it down to the beach. We're going next weekend, and hopefully all of the traffic left with y'all.

Great fireworks pics! Yours turned out much better than mine.