Friday, July 24, 2009

Nick's.... use your imagination

Last night we decided to visit one of Tuscaloosa's best kept secrets... Nick's in the Sticks.

Nick's is one of those hole in the wall concrete block buildings that you find in every town that has been there forever because they are good at what they do. Nothing fancy... there's no need for anything like that. Just good food, pure and simple.

The walls are covered with old photos of Alabama football players and the ceiling is covered with dollar bills that people have signed and dated. The tables are formica and show years and years of wear. They pack folks in, and we were lucky to grab the last empty table in the house, so we didn't have to wait.

Nick's has great big ole hamburgers that get all messy and drip juices everywhere, and they serve them up with french fries or homemade onion rings. They've also go a mean hamburger steak. But the thing that always keeps me coming back is the filet.

Last night I was starving when I got there. So we ordered onion rings to start with, then moved on to our salads. I really do wish I had gotten pictures. They serve the salad with no dressing, and then give you one of those old round servers with 3 bowls all around it. You can have French, Ranch/Blue Cheese mixed, or Thousand Island. Pass em around.

Then our waiter brought our steaks. They were cooked to a perfect medium rare, and were falling apart in your mouth tender. I had to make myself eat mine slow so that I could enjoy it as long as possible.

I tried to take pictures, ya'll. I really did. But Heather wouldn't let me. She was embarrassed. So you'll just have to visualize it all in your head.

Next time I'll have to leave her at home so I can share it all with you.


Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Katie B said...

Please, please tell me y'all got a Nickademis (not sure of the spelling) too! They are gooooood!!!

Derek said...

You know I did.