Monday, July 20, 2009

There's so much in this post that I can't even think of a title....

We had such a hectic weekend.

I woke up Friday morning about to starve to death. SO all morning I ate. I couldn't get enough and nothing satisfied me. I even left the office mid-morning and made a trip to Publix for bananas and Dole fruit bar popsicles. I ate the bananas, but after lunch, I realized that I was miserable and that we were going to eat Hokkaido for supper, so I left the popsicles alone.

I told ya'll on Friday that Sharee and Ethan were coming to visit. They got to the house around noon and Heather entertained them until I got home.

I came in the door with my groceries that were leftover from the trip to Publix, and had a package to open. Then Sharee had to open her birthday presents from us. Then I had to change clothes, all the while Ethan is telling me to hurry up. And then finally we were on our way to eat.

We ordered a whole lot of sushi, and then ordered from the grill as well. I love sushi for breakfast, so I wanted to make sure that if Ethan and Sharee took a liking to it, that I'd still have plenty to take home. And I did. Ethan had one piece and decided he'd rather have his fish fried... and that he'd really rather just stick with fried catfish.

Heather slipped away during dinner and told one of the waitresses that Sharee was celebrating her birthday. Now if it had been my birthday, we may have had a problem. I'm a complete party pooper when it comes to singing in a restaurant. But Sharee was a good sport. And she got free ice cream, and her picture taken wearing a Japanese dunce cap.

Then we shopped. And shopped. For over 2 hours. I had bought 9:30pm movie tickets to make sure we had plenty of time and weren't rushed. We had plenty of time.

Harry Potter was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I wanted more. I felt like it left me hanging in the end. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that halfway through the movie, I remembered the grocery bag that was still sitting on the kitchen cabinet. And the popsicles that were melting in that bag. Maybe that had me a little bit distracted.

We got home, unwound, tried to refreeze the popsicles, and got in bed around 2am. (yeah! 2am!)

Saturday morning we went over to campus to the Bryant Museum. I hadn't been there in years, and although a lot was the same, so much had changed or been added. We spent a good part of the morning there, watching videos, looking at trophies, seeing the replica of Coach Bryant's office, and visiting the giftshop.

It was very cool. Even Ethan, who has had his mind poisoned by his Daddy and is an Auburn fan, enjoyed himself. We left there with "Yeah Alabama" in our ears and Tide Pride in our hearts.

It was such a nice day, that we decided to spend a little time on campus. We went around the quad and then walked around over at the Ferguson Center. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.

Saturday night I fixed us a low country boil for supper. We had shrimp, crab legs, potatoes, conecuh sausage, corn on the cob, and onions. We all made pigs of ourselves! It was soooo good.

I didn't have any newspaper to dump it all on, but we did have those colored bowls that Heather got from Dollar General last year for $1 each! So we just dumped everything into about a dozen or so bowls and dug in.

Sunday I ended up coming in to the office for a while. When I got home last night, the DirectTV guy had been by to upgrade us to high definition. I had asked that they use the same pole, or at least try to use the same holes, and I had thought that I would be home when the guy arrived, but instead of getting there between 8am and 12pm as told to me on the phone, he actually got there about 2pm. And I was at the office. So when I got home, this is what I found...

Yes. That is a bare pole on the side of the house where the old dish once lived. And the new dish is mounted ON THE ROOF! THROUGH THE SHINGLES! WIRES ARE EVERYWHERE!

But the picture on the TV is incredible. I walked in the den last night and thought Hank Hill was in there with me. And Heather has been overly impressed with the maps on the Weather Channel. So I guess I'll try to paint over those wires and make the best of it. Let's just hope the roof doesn't leak.

Happy Blogoversary to Leigh over at Bloggeritaville. She's giving away stuff all week to celebrate, so make sure you go by and visit with her. You can follow the link from here on my page.

I sure hope ya'll have a great week.


Lianne said...

That food looks yummy! I love a good low-country boil.

So to recap here, I'm now really hungry and jonesing for some Alabama Football. I'm ready for tailgating time!

Wade's World said...

2 words: Warrrr Eagle!