Sunday, June 21, 2009


I do love a weekend.... usually.

This one started off great, and I'll fill ya'll in on that later, but it has not ended on a positive note.

Heather went down to her Mama's on Friday and evidently has brought back a stomach virus. It hit last night. She was up and down all night, and let me just tell ya'll.... it was naaaasty!

I'm not very good in those kind of situations. I just kept the cold bathcloths coming. She was and still is in pitiful shape.

Heather's grandfather used to write these random stories about his life. We have them and they are really entertaining. One time, they went to Mexico and drank some bad water. He said it gave them the "turistas", which is a nice word for "the trots." Heather has herself a massively violent case of the turistas!

So we ended up at the hospital this morning about 5am. They gave her a shot and sent her home. In between puking and pooping spells, she is sleeping.

I certainly hope my brother in law, who didn't keep his sick child at home, and whose child passed this thing along, is having a good Father's Day.

If I end up like Heather, as God as my witness, I will drive down there and kiss him full on the mouth to share the love!


Katie B said...

Poor H, I hope she feels better soon. If you need something, let us know.
heehee Somebody better watch out if you get sick! lol

Heather said...

I couldn't have asked for a better caretaker. He hung in there from beginning to end!