Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Blow Out

Yesterday I probably talked to Heather about 8 times on the phone. Nothing in particular; just this and that. Then about 2pm, Heather called me back...

"Have you been calling me all day just to see if your package has arrived?"

"No. What package?"

"This package that looks like it could possibly be another Daniel Moore print."

Well I honestly did not know it was coming yesterday. We actually talked about it a couple of nights ago, and I wondered when it would be shipped. But it's here now!

It is absolutely gorgeous. It portrays Alabama's 36-0 win over Auburn in the 2008 Iron Bowl, and features Glenn Coffee and Antione Caldwell. I opened up the box and got chills.

Heather is not pleased. She said our house is going to look like ESPN. She also says it is not going in the living room, but will instead go back in the office with the others. I'm not so sure about that.

I mean, come on.... it's the "Hey Auburn! We just beat the hell outa you!" print. It needs to be out where it can be seen. Obviously she has forgotten jumping up and down cheering in Bryant Denny Stadium that afternoon with shakers madly waving about, and that she actually cried when we won that ballgame. I kinda think we both did a little. Those things can't be put back in the office out of sight. No way, Jose'!

I have a little time to work on this because I wanted to have my own framing done. So that gives me a couple of weeks probably.

Just as our dear Crimson Tide fight their battles to the bitter end, so will I fight this battle of my own!

Maybe. We'll see.

It really is a kick-butt print.

Roll Tide!


Jess said...

I vote with Heather on this one...and that same mind set goes for dead animals as well!!!

Heather said...

HA! Thanx, Jessica. I do agree it is a gorgeous print. Just not for our "living room decor".