Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Great Giveaway! Hope I Win This One!

Giveaway for One of Three Amazing Alabama Coffee Table Books!!

The fine folks at Alabama Bloggers and Turner Publishing have teamed up for a great giveaway!

The books are FASCINATING. The timelines. . . seeing things change before your eyes. . .seeing the phases of history that our state went through. . . seeing what my city looked like when my grandparents were teenagers, then when my parents were teenagers. . . seeing all of the crazy men in 5 piece suits and top hats and ladies in 10 feet-in-diameter dresses and hats in the dead heat of Alabama Summer. . . the experience is simply indescribable.

They are each valued at $40, and these books are pure artwork.

Available in the giveaway are the following:

1. Historic Photos of Birmingham

2. Historic Photos of Mobile

3. Historic Photos of Huntsville

To enter to win one of these three books, go to alabamabloggers.com and register!

This contest will be open until Monday, June 8th. The three winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Tuesday, June 9th.

Good luck!!!

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