Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh What a Night.....

That picture has nothing to do with this post except that it is of Hershey, our spoiled rotten dachsund. We were down at Adam and Katie's and Aidan was pulling her around in the trailer behind his Power Wheels John Deere. But that's not what this post is about....

I guess it's confession time. I wasn't going to share this (how many times have I said that on this blog?) but I'm sitting here thinking about the weekend, and I figure I might as well tell all.

Our sister in law, Barbara called last week to see if Mitch could stay with us Friday night while she went to a function for the medical school. Of course we didn't mind, and I told her to let him stay the night if he wanted. That was fine with her, so Heath dropped Mitch off Friday afternoon.

I got home and changed, and realized that Heather and Mitch were waiting on me to make our plans.

So I suggested we grab a movie, and Mitch was all over that. He wanted to make sure I knew how to prepurchase our tickets through Fandango. So I played dumb and let him run the show.

We decided to see Night at the Museum, and to just grab something to eat at the theater. Good plan.

Mitch made the A honor roll for his last 6 weeks in the 5th grade. So as a reward, we decided to get him a new pair of flip flops. He had told us that his dad would only buy him cheap dollar store flip flops (Heath said Mitch's feet are growing too fast to buy anything else.) So Heather wanted to get him a pair like he wanted. As it turned out, he got a pair of Sperry's identical to the ones I had one. Which of course, were the most expensive pair Shoe Station had, but Mitch said I could afford it because we were rich.

Well now that's good to know. I had no idea until he told me.

So we got the shoes and headed for the theater with our Fandango tickets.

We all had popcorn for supper, and the movie was great. Just as good as the first one. If you haven't seen it, it's worth your time.

We got home, played on the computer for awhile, and hit the sack. That's where the night lost all form of normality.

Mitch wanted Hershey to sleep with him. Of course we knew that was coming. He also wanted to sleep on the sofa, but we explained that Hershey was not going to stay on the sofa with him. We'd been down that road before.

So I talked him into sleeping in a bed, and Heather piled Hershey up in there with him. I could see Hershey from our bedroom across the hall, and she was not happy at all with the sleeping arrangements.

But we turned out the lights, and all was well.

Until 2am.

I guess Hershey had had enough and was determined to get out of that bed one way or another. So she backed herself up next to Mitch and wet all over him and the bed.

I awoke to bright lights and a lot of fussing. Heather's earplugs saved her from being the first one awake and out of bed. So since I was up, she opted to just wait and get a report on the activities when I got the sheets changed and in the washer with Mitch's clothes.

Our only salvation in this, as gross as it is, is that Heather had 2 of those egg crate things, a memory foam mattress pad, and 2 regular mattress pads on that bed (to make it "fluffy.") So the mattress was saved. Actually, everything but the 2 top mattress pads were saved and those went into the washer with the sheets.

Hershey then reclaimed her spot in our bed, Mitch got bathed and into dry clothes, and all was well in the world.

Never a dull moment....


Katie B said...

That is hilarious!!! The only thing to make it even more complete would be to hear Big Mouth Billy Bass singing softly in the background! :)

Jess said...

Oh my this was too good not to share!! Poor Mitch!