Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am restless.

I keep thinking that I want to go somewhere this weekend but I don't know where. Heather keeps wanting to fly down to Jamaica for the weekend, but I think we need to stay a little bit closer to home.

On the other hand, we really need to stay home and paint our bedroom. We had the house appraised last week, and when the pictures came back in the appraisal, I noticed that our bedroom is really kinda blah. Heather said that she's been trying to tell me that for months.

One other thing about the bedroom picture is that our bed is unmade. Heather had an early doctor's appointment the day the appraiser lady came. She got up first. Then I got up later and was kinda rushed to get ready and out the door for work. We passed each other as I was leaving. Heather didn't go back to the bedroom part of the house again until after the appraiser left. She thought I had made the bed. I thought she would make it since I didn't have time. And neither of us ended up making it.

In my own defense, making that bed is not a quick job, due to the fact that we have about 50 pillows of various sizes piled up on it. So it's not like I could have just thrown the covers up and been done.

Heather called me at work all in a dither when she discovered this housekeeping faux pas. She was mortified. Now I really don't think that had any effect on the appraisal. But now people all over town have seen the pictures and our bed is clearly all messed up. I bet folks at First National Bank are speculating on how we live....

So anyway... we have realized that the room needs to be spruced up a bit, so we started looking at paint colors. Not an easy task. Heather wants a darker color, but will it make the room too dreary? And if we go lighter, what colors do we lean toward? And will the new curtains match the color we pick? So much to think about. Decisions, decisions....

I don't know. We may pick up and go somewhere. Or we may stay home and be productive.

We may even go shop for a new bed. Heather's wanting a sleigh bed.

Whatever we do, ya'll know something crazy will happen. I guess I'll tell you all about it on Monday. I know the suspense is killing you.

Oh yeah.... Happy Birthday to Aidan Benefield! He's 5 today. He's a huge Beatles fan and shares a birthday with Sir Paul McCartney. Cool huh?

We're heading over to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon to celebrate! I'm fairly excited about it.

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