Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Excitement

Here's a first for me. I got to the office this morning after having been in Auburn last week to find the usual pile of things on my desk, and my email in-box filled to capacity. I figured that I'd have plenty to do to make the day fly by. At 8:15 we went in for our usual Monday morning management meeting in the Finance Director's office. Things were moving along normally, until we were interrupted by the news that some idiot had phoned in a BOMB THREAT and that we had to get out of the buildings immediately! So I grabbed my jacket and stood with everyone else outside in the biting wind for 45 minutes until the police gave us the "all clear" to reenter the building. I guess they didn't find anything.

Since the municipal court is on the first floor of our building, it makes me wonder what exactly is on the docket for today. Maybe somebody was trying to keep from going to jail.....

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