Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birtday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday.

When I was growing up, birthdays were always a big deal at our house. Heather says that wasn't really the case with them, but with 6 kids in the house, I can kinda understand that. But there are just 2 of us kids in my family. So Mama always went all out. Birthdays were "your day." We each got to plan and go or do whatever we wanted for our birthdays. Mine was usually during Spring Break, so school wasn't a problem for planning my day. Sometimes my sister would have to have "her day" on the weekend though.

I must tell you that either on the actual day or somewhere close to it, I always celebrate my birthday with "pink pie." I never really liked birthday cake when I was little, but Mama made this pie that I loved. I think it has strawberry jello and evaporated milk and cool whip or something like that in it. The crust is Nilla wafers and the wafers stand up around the edge of the pie. Heather has told me to not even consider her making it for me, because she knows there is no way that her pie will be able to compete with Mama's.

Heather did make me a key-lime pie though. On the top, in green gel-icing, were the words "Happy Birtday Derek." She made a picture, and that's when she realized she had left off the "h". I'll have to post the picture later on today. The pie was really very good, and she made it from a low-carb recipe. I've had some the past 2 nights.

I didn't have any really significant plans for my day this year. Heather had to work yesterday and today, so there was not time for going out or anything like that. I did however decide to take an early day at work and head to Birmingham to shop for my present.

I drove it home. It's a Volvo. Here's a picture, although this really isn't mine. Mine is black with tan leather everywhere. I absolutely love it, and I think I look pretty good in it too.

I got home about 20 minutes before Heather. I sat out in the car and checked out all the gadgets that I couldn't play with while I was driving. Then when Heather got home, we went to Shoe Station so that she could get some shoes to go with the dress she bought for this wedding we have to go to this weekend in Auburn. Even Hershey got to go along for the ride. Maybe I can get Heather to drive to Auburn and I can keep figuring out the car.

When we got home, I had 6 voice messages from Happy Birthday wishers. Then I logged on to the Facebook, and had 45 messages on there! So it was a good day indeed.

Happy Birtday to Me!

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