Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's

Sorry I didn't get around to posting any pics last night. It was once again an eventful evening. I will try to do better.

Heather wanted to replace the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I may have already mentioned this yesterday, I don't know at this point. We had bought a fan at Home Depot Saturday, I think. Got it home and took the old one down, and the new fan wouldn't fit where we wanted it to. You see, whoever built our house was gracious enough to include these beams in the ceiling where the pitched parts meet. I measured the width of the beam, and we have 5 1/2 inches to work with. The fan base needs to fit in that space. Doesn't sound too complicated does it? Well guess again!

When the tree fell on the house, we had the good sense to have the beam in the kitchen removed. Now we'd like to take out the beams in the den and our bedroom. But I have a feeling that the ceilings underneath the beams do not match the ceilings outside of the beams. That would make things way to simple, and simplicity does not exist at our house.

So yesterday, I returned the fan to Home Depot, drove over to Lighting Plus and looked at their high-dollar merchandise that they obviously very proud of, and then went BACK to Lowe's for about the seventeenth time and bought what I thought was the same fan that we bought for the den, but in white.

I got home after work, and miraculously, Daddy had been able to fix the garage wall without have to rip out every piece of siding and start over. It just needs painting now. (Which again is not simple. Cabiness paint has our interior paint records on file, but cannot find the colors for the exterior. So I have to take some of the old siding over and have them match it. And of course I forgot to bring that with me again today. I also need to get more of the exterior trim to cover up the places on the back of the house where I knocked the trim paint off with the pressure washer.)

We brought in the new fan and started unpacking it. Nope. Won't work. The base was too wide on this one as well. So I didn't even finish taking it out of the box. I just closed it up and we went to get yet another one.

We had to make a detour because Daddy wanted to buy himself a new TV. It's pretty sweet. I think what hooked him was the fact that they had a fishing show playing and the bass was right up in his face. I knew at that point that he was sold. He said that he's going to have to be careful watching those cattle auctions on RFD because the picture looks so real he might actually get manure on him..... I know... funny. I tried to get him to see if SAM's would give him a better deal if he bought two, and he could give one to me, but that didn't go very far.

So after SAM's we headed BACK to Lowe's for the twenty-eighth time since Friday. And we looked, and we looked, and we had them open boxes so we could measure, and eventually we bought another fan. And it's not even white. It's something called brushed nickel. I like it. But at this point, I would like anthing. I think I would even be willing to hire Egyptian women to stand around the bed with big palm leaves. Anything to be done with this!

We did end the evening with big heaping plates of fried seafood from Wintzell's. Daddy made the comment that he had been eating oysters at Wintzell's for over 50 years. Probably longer than that since he was born in 1938, the same year Wintzell's opened for business in downtown Mobile.

When I left the house this morning, Daddy and Heather were about to open up the box and hang the fan. I got out of there fast. I'm afraid that if that one didn't work, I might throw it through the bedroom window out into the yard. And of course that would require additional repairs.

Mama made the comment night before last that we should go ahead and start on the deck remodel that I want to do, since Daddy is here to help us.

Obviously, she has lost her mind, or she wants me to lose mine.

UPDATE: Heather just called on her way home from Lowe's. The rod that came with the fan wasn't long enough to work with our pitched ceiling. I'm just glad that I'm at work.


Katie B said...

If I didn't know any better I would think you telling stories about our house. You know, nothing EVER goes as planned here either!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

IM issed the airshow. Hope you got some pictures...