Monday, March 16, 2009

How many crazy weekends can one have before actually going crazy?

Here we go again, ya'll. And this one is a doozy.

It has rained in Tuscaloosa all weekend. In fact, it must have started during the night last Thursday night, because when Heather left for work Friday morning at 5:30am, she announced the current weather conditions on her way out the door.

To be honest, I had been watching Mickey Ferguson every morning, so I was aware of the approaching rain. And yet I did nothing to prepare for it. The cover was off of the charcoal grill and the charcoal and lighter fluid were out. The little gas grill that I bought last year because it was on sale (and mainly because it has speakers built into the base of it with an outlet to plug in an i-pod making it possible to cook and sing along with my favorite tunes simultaneously) was still out in the weather as well. So I jumped up out of bed and went out on the deck to cover up or bring in the things that didn't need to get wet.

What happened next is unclear. I was barefoot. I was in my boxers. The deck was wet. There was a wrought-iron chair involved somehow, I think. All I know for sure is that one minute I had a bag of charcoal in my hand and the next I was on all fours with my head in a wooden planter and covered in dirt.

I think some choice words were voiced at this point. I'll leave you to your own imaginations regarding that.

I got up, wiped off as much dirt as I could, and finished what I set out to do in getting things put up. Then I went inside to get a shower and get ready for work. My hand did hurt, and I had a cut on the side of it. And I realized that I had hit my right eye on that planter, and that it was attempting to swell a bit.

I shave in the shower. Much easier than at the sink. I have a fogless mirror mounted on the shower wall, and keep my razor and shave stuff in there as well. When I started to pick up my razor, I couldn't hold it in my fingers like I normally do. I had to shave left-handed. That was the real clue that I may have hurt myself.

So I finished getting ready and my eye was looking rough. I called Heather at work and told her I thought I had broken something in my hand. Then I called the office and gave them the same spill. When my doctor's office opened, I was sitting in the waiting room. After x-rays, the news was confirmed....broken finger. They wanted to put a cast on my hand to my wrist, but I talked them into a splint. Even that is driving me crazy at this point. But I have 2 more weeks to go.

Now on a normal weekend, this would not have been as big a deal. But we were driving to Opelika and Auburn this weekend for a wedding! I suppose I could have cancelled. But honestly, I was ready to put the new car out on the road and drive it, and we had waited too late to cancel the hotel reservation without a penalty. So onward we went!

The wedding was held at Auburn First United Methodist Church. It's an old church, and was absolutely beautiful. It was a very nice ceremony, despite the fact that it continued to pour down rain outside.

Then we went back to the Grand National Marriott for the reception. From there it was a night of great food, great drink, and great music. I got to catch up with a lot of old friends from college, and also with our regular tail-gate crew as well. The bride and groom left for the Atlanta airport around 11:30pm and the party wound down soon afterward. At least it did for me. I think some folks took cabs to the Supper Club and stayed out til 4am, but thank goodness for once I realized my age and I was greatful of that Sunday morning.

We wound up the Auburn visit with a Sunday lunch trip to Cheeburger Cheeburger. For some reason, Heather thought that she should order the One-Pounder Burger. If you actually finish one of those, you get your picture taken and hung on the wall. Boy, did she really want her picture on that wall! But needless to say, she did not even get close to finishing the burger. The patty hung way over the bun, and she basically cut off the excess meat and ate that, leaving what would normally be a very large hamburger for us to take home. In fact, there was so much left that we split her leftovers and had them for supper last night. We also had fries and homemade onion rings! Our bodies were in complete shock! I wanted a cremesicle shake, but I figured I'd better just settle down and stick with what I already had. No sense in getting too wild!!!

I hope this is a dull week. I don't know how much more I can handle.....

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