Monday, May 11, 2009

Orange Beach Weekend

I tried to post some pictures from my phone while we were in Orange Beach, but I obviously done quite have the hang of this mobile blogging.

Of course, we had another crazy weekend. I mean, why should the fact that we are at the beach mean that wacked-out stuff won't happen to us? It started out as a textbook example of Murphy's Law. But it got better. We just had to get it all out of our systems.

Thursday was a long day at work for me. We had decided the night before to just up and get out of town. So I knew I still had to go home and pack and get on the road, & 5 o'clock took it's sweet time getting here.

But finally we were on the road, and got down to the beach around 11:15pm. That's when the fun started.

I pulled up and shined the lights on the hiding place where the spare key is kept (we didn't bring the main key.) I found it with no trouble, and was untaping it. Just as the last piece of tape was unwound, I dropped the key. At the same time, Heather turned off the car lights. I hollered for her to turn them back on, but I lost sight of the key, which was in the midst of a whole pile of water oak leaves. We searched and searched for it. As of right now, we still haven't found it.

Guess what a locksmith in Orange Beach, Alabama charges to come out at midnight and let you in your front door? I know the answer, and it's a helluva lot!

The mosquitos were the size of my palm. And our cell phones won't work inside or under the porch. So I had to stand outside and talk on the phone, while swatting those blood-suckers every 3 seconds. It was quite the experience. But this guy from Aaron's Locksmith came and did his thing, and we were inside at last.

Let me pause here for a minute, and tell you about our neighborhood pet. He's a fox. There's a fox-crossing sign when you come into the neighborhood and we usually see him at night when we are down there. I guess he likes the water. Well, while I was on the phone with the locksmith, Heather said he came right up beside me and sat down. She said I could have petted him if I'd wanted to. Then a little later, he was back in the yard looking all around. It was very cool.

So anyway, I got up Friday morning determined to find that key. There's a table out back next to the shed that we use for cleaning fish, and I noticed that the faucet out there was leaking. So I looked at it and tried to tightened it where the faucet screws into the PVC. Mistake. I cracked the pipe. That made water start spraying out in all directions. So I had to make a trip to the hardware store and get stuff to go back and fix the water pipe.

And on that note, does anybody know if Orange Beach Hardware on Canal Road has closed for good? Looks like there is merchandise inside, but there is a For Sale sign on the door and we can never find them open.

Back to my story. While the glue dried on the PVC, we walked down the road to the neighborhood pavilion and watched the boats for a bit.

After all that, I went ahead and go the grass cut, and Heather did some weeding and pruning. All kinds of pretty things were blooming in the yard.

I don't know what this is...

Old-timey Lantana

Some Prickly Pear thing... I hate it because it always hits me in the leg when I'm mowing and then I spent the next several weeks with a big nasty scar on my leg...

Friday afternoon we headed out to the beach. It was great weather, and Heather caught me up to date on what is going on in the world. Did you know that Sarah Palin was raised by wolves til age 6? And that Holy Water has been found on Mars? Well enquiring minds need to know things like that.

The seagulls were out in force. And some of them were camera hogs.

When we came in from the beach, we could hear a humming noise. We have one of those new TV converter boxes down there, and I thought that was making the noise. Nope. Upon closer investigations, we realized the TV was dead. And I mean as a door nail dead. So guess what? We went to Gulf Shores Wal-Mart, Target, Foley Wal-mart, Office Depot (I was grasping at straws) and back to GS Wal-Mart and bought a new TV. Dang TV's aren't cheap anymore folks! But it works great, and we are back in business.

After I got the TV's changed out, Heather came in the living room fresh from a shower and dressed in her sleep-shirt for bed. I was hungry. She said she thought that we'd just snack for dinner, but I was hungrier than snacks. So I went over to the Keg and got cheeseburgers and onion rings for us. Boy did they hit the spot!

Saturday was a fishing day. Not a whole lot of luck was had by either of us, but Heather did end up snagging an entire reel and rod. It worked too. I changed out the hook and used it. So at least we caught something. But it was HOT! So around lunch-time, we decided to try something cooler. And cooler meant lunch!

We ran back and freshened up just a little bit, and then went to Fat Back's for lunch. It's a new place at Sportsman's Marina and has only been open about 3 or 4 weeks. Heather is a huge fan of tuna, and she had an Ahi Sandwich. It was a thick filet of mouth-watering tuna and thick crusty bread and had some sort of dark asian flavored sauce on the side. Fantastic!!! I had a shrimp po-boy. I do love a shrimp po-boy! (I had already had the same thing for lunch Friday at Doc's.) It was on a thick crust loaf of bread and had cole slaw on the side. The slaw was very similar to West Indies salad, and was sooo good! We have definately found a new favorite place.

Of course, during our lunch, somehow Heather and our waitress realized that they are both from Demopolis and that Heather's mom taught our waitress in 2nd grade. So they had to catch up and compare stories. I just watched the boats.

After a short recovery nap, we hit the beach again. I think it was at this point that I became pretty sunburned. It's brown today, but I was really red for a bit there.

Saturday night we ate at Shuckers over by the Wharf. Hmmmm.... I'll give it a 7 out of 10. The food was good and there was plenty of it, but our waitress didn't exactly speak fluent English and it was fairly pricey. Still, we enjoyed ourselves. It's an outdoor setting and they were playing great music. So we had a good time.

After that, we tried the Flora-Bama, but things just weren't happenin there. So we called it a night.

Sunday we headed home. Foley was having Art in the Park, so we spent a couple of hours there and then headed back to Mobile and stopped at Felix's on the causeway for lunch. Of course, it was awesome as always.

We stopped and saw my folks for a bit and then headed home.

I think we are going to have to have a repeat this coming weekend.

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Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Sorry you had some trials and tribulationson your much needed vacation! It does sound like you did have some enjoyment too. Glad!