Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Heather and I had a busy Thanksgiving this year. We usually try to plan and spend some time with both sides of the families, but the Alabama Auburn massacre threw a wrench into our plans this time. Not that we really minded. We got up early, got home late, and managed to get everybody squeezed in. Plus we got to eat twice!!!

We left Thursday morning around 6:30am and headed down to Jackson. When we got there, Daddy was cooking bacon-wrapped catfish filets and bacon-wrapped wild turkey breast on the grill for us to snack on before the feast. It was soooo good! We helped them get everything finalized before the masses began arriving, and once everybody started getting there, it was a steady stream of folks in and out all day. We really are blessed to have such a large and fun family. We had 43 for lunch, but that's really only less than half of us. If you count us all up from my Mammaw down, there are over 120 of us!

The Cousins

Lunch was great, of course. At one point I was teetering on that fine line between being full and being miserable, but a piece of my cousin Alice's egg custard pushed me right on over. We had emptied all of the furniture out of the breakfast room and kitchen to make room for banquet tables. We ended up with a table for appetizers and snacks, 2 long tables of food, and a big dessert table. Fat kids love some food!

There's a story we all love to tell at Thanksgiving and I think you all might enjoy it too....

Mama does not make dressing. She never has in her life. My Daddy, on the other hand, makes some of the best dressing you will ever eat. So he always makes the dressing and Mama focuses on other things. Well, one year, Daddy had mixed up the dressing in big dish pans and was getting ready to pour it into dishes to bake it. Mama was spraying the pans with Pam so that they wouldn't stick, and then handing them down to be filled. As they were nearing the end of the dish pans and all the dressing was ready for the oven, Daddy noticed that the dressing was foaming. He pointed this out to Mama, and about the same time they realized what was wrong. Instead of using Pam, Mama had sprayed all those pans with oven cleaner! Of course she just started crying, but Daddy told her to start making more cornbread. Everything had to be thrown out. I guess if we had eaten it it would have been really bad. But we get a laugh out of it every year since!

We got some great pictures this year, and enjoyed catching up with everybody. I can't wait til Christmas when we do it all again!

We left Jackson and headed for Demopolis. Of course, we had to eat again! We also got to visit with my sister-in-law from Memphis and her boys. And we got to play with Jane Wiley and Austin, my Heather's brother Hess's kids.

We got home around 10:30 Thursday night. We were pooped, but looking forward to Iron Bowl festivities beginning on Friday!

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