Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nifty, nifty, Connie's 50!!!

Let me back up a week or so. November 21st was my cousin Connie's 50th birthday. She had been announcing its arrival for over a year. Some people may dread the Big 5-0, but not Connie; she was sooo excited. So her husband, Steve, and her mom and sisters decided to throw her a surprise party. Now one would think that she might have been expecting it.... no way!!!! She was so surprised. Her mom and sister, Monica, took her out for breakfast, then Target, then Starbucks, while the rest of us arrived and got everything ready. Then about 1:30pm, they came back home and we were waiting. She didn't have a clue! We had the house all decorated, and the sisters brought great food because in our family, we love to eat.

So Happy Birthday, Connie. May you have 50 more!!!

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