Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was watching the Alabama - LSU game Saturday night when I lost a crown off of my back left bottom tooth (#18 for you dental folks). So I called Dr. Bill and let him know. I was off of work yesterday for Veteran's Day, so I schedule an appointment with his office to have a temporary replacement put in my mouth.

Those girls at Dr. Bill's office are really a hoot. But I never know if they are being serious or just trying to mess with my head. So when they looked at my x-ray and started talking about how bad that tooth was, I really didn't pay much attention. The Dr. Bill came in and basically said the same thing. Evidently, the tooth had cracked into 3 pieces. Not a good thing. It had to come out.

This cartoon is kinda funny. Except for the fact that it is close to being the truth. Evidently a tooth doesn't come out very easily. At one point, after I was sure my jaw was about to break, I held up my hand and asked for a progress report. Dr. Bill compared it to a pecan that has been cracked but has pieces of it stuck in the hull. You have to keep digging until you get it all out! He almost had the first half completely out at that point. After a little more pushing and tugging, the rest of it all came out and we were done with that part. Then it all had to be closed up with stitches so I could go home.

All afternoon I took pain meds and slept. Today I look like a chipmunk on one side of my face.

This will be the first of several posts. Next Tuesday, I will go back to Dr. Bill's to get my stitches out. Then on the 24th, I will see Dr. McIllwain for a consult on having an implant put in where the tooth used to be. This process will probably take 7 or 8 months.

More to come...

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