Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

City Hall is closed today for Labor Day. So I took advantage of having peace and quiet around the office and got caught up on some things that needed to get off of my desk.

When I got downtown this morning, I noticed police on every corner. And it looked like they were in their personal vehicles, even though they were in uniform.

Hmmm.... That got me wondering what was going on. But I came on inside and started working.

But, ya'll may remember that we had a bomb threat here a few months ago. And those kind of things just don't really ever leave your mind. Always a chance some fool will do something crazy.

So I emailed our City Clerk, Tracy Croom, who usually knows if something is going on. I knew it would go straight to her Blackberry and she'd let me know if I needed to get out fast.

Then I heard drums. And I looked out the window and saw a band.

It's the Labor Day parade!

I immediately sent Tracy a message back and told her I'd figured it out. Then I went downstairs to watch the parade.

Something funky was going on with my phone, so the pics aren't great.

But here's what I got. Sorry about all the equipment and orange cones in the pictures. Downtown is still under construction.

No matter how large or small, you just gotta love a parade!

Happy Labor Day!!

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