Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have really got a big weekend coming up.

Heather's brother, Hess, has a new boat. It's a 19 foot Carolina Skiff. And he's itching to take it on a trip.

So Friday afternoon, I'm heading down to Demopolis to meet up with Hess. From there, we will drive down to Myrtlewood and launch the boat in the Tombigbee River. And we're heading to Orange Beach.

I've always wanted to make the trip by river, but never have had the opportunity. So I am excited as heck about this!

We're planning to travel a few hours on Friday and then camp out on a sandbar. We've discussed tents, and I realized yesterday afternoon that I have a tent that I had forgotten about. It's a 4 man, which will be great. Otherwise, it's a 1 man backpacking tent or a big huge walk around inside tent.

Saturday morning we'll hit the water again bright and early. We figure it will take 16 hours or so.

We've mapped out the marinas and Hess has borrowed extra gas cans. So we should be good there. And I've started gathering my camping stuff and a few bare necessities in a corner of the kitchen.

Heather made sure I have plenty of batteries, so I'll be able to document the whole adventure. Should be interesting.

Hess' wife is heading down Saturday morning with the truck and boat trailer. So if we have problems along the way, she could always stop and get us. But we're hoping for no problems and smooooooth sailing. Except we won't really be in a sailboat.

No matter what happens, we'll have fun. And years from now, we'll be able to look back and say,

"Remember when we boated all the way to Orange Beach?"


"Remember when we had the crazy idea to take the BOAT to Orange Beach?"

I can hardly wait!

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