Wednesday, August 12, 2009

24 days!

I'm doing something that I never thought I'd ever do.

I'm selling my Alabama vs Virginia Tech tickets on StubHub.

It just about killed me to do it. But when I weighed going to Atlanta and spending $500 on the weekend, or selling the tickets and making a little cash, common sense won out for a chance.

Last year, Adam and Katie went with us to Atlanta to the Clemson game. Adam and I went to the game, and Heather and Katie went Atlanta shopping. And it was a whole lot of fun. That is until the girls wanted to tour the World of Coke after Adam and I had stayed out til 4 in the morning. We had a great time, but as always, we spent the tar out of some money.

Heather works that weekend, anyway, so she couldn't go this year. And I've committed myself to buying 150 ft of red and white candy cane rope lights to go around all 4 of the tents at our tailgate. Not cheap! So I've told all my friends, and what the heck... I'll tell ya'll too. We'll watch it at our house. We've got the new TV and the high def dish on the roof. We'll eat, drink, and cheer on the Tide. It'll be great! And we'll miss the Atlanta traffic to boot.

And I can hardly believe that all this will happen in only 24 days!

Roll Tide, ya'll!

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Katie B said...

We did have a lot of fun that weekend, didn't we?? A very fond memory!