Friday, January 23, 2009

Santa has been found!!!

Heather cornered me when I came in the door Wednesday night. It seems that she was still on the Santa hunt, and when she googled "Tree Top Santa," the first thing that came up was my blog. She said, "You've told everybody about this whole fiasco!" I merely explained that I was enlisting the help of my readers in the search to find the non-existent 2008 Santa. But I realized that she was still looking hard for one, although I had given up hope.

The one I got in Butler never turned up. We know it made it to the bank in Gilbertown, but from there it has disappeared. So maybe somebody else thought they needed it more than we did. But the girls at Butler City Hall had turned it into a care package for me, and I just hate that I have lost my Butlerfest apron and t-shirt.

Anway, yesterday, Heather goes down to visit her parents in Demopolis. Before she left, she got on the company's website looking for dealers in Demop or anywhere close by. Frank's Drug Store in Greensboro was listed, and when Heather phoned them, they had 2 left! So she made a detour through Greensboro and got one of them. She said the lady at Frank's was beside herself that she was able to help. We will definately be shopping with them in the future, and I really don't know why we had not checked in Greensboro before now.

When Heather came in last night, she handed me the bag with the box in it. Wow, was I surprised! I had decided that we were just going to be missing a year. We are both extremely pleased, and I commend her for a job well done! We phoned Mama and let her know that Heather had found one. "Hallelujah, and Praise the Lord!" was her response.

Ho ho ho!!!!

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