Thursday, June 26, 2008

High dollar swimsuits

Ok. So here's the thing.... We were in Jamaica last month. On the last day, we spent time in the water, etc that morning. Then we went up to our rooms to change and get ready for lunch. Since our suits and towels were wet, and we were about to start packing after lunch, I hung them to dry on the balcony. We were 1/2 way between Atlanta and Tuscaloosa on our way home when I remembered the things on the balcony. So I called the resort and they had them there for us. All I had to do was call Federal Express and have them pick them up. So I did. FedEx estimated to me that the cost of shipping would be $60 or so. They would bill my card at the end of the month. Cool.

Our package came. Heather's favorite bathing suit, our towels, etc. Everything except MY favorite bathing suit. But that's ok. I got over it and bought a new one at the beach the other weekend.

Today FedEx finally charged my card. $154.00! Of course I phoned them to find out what the hell might be going on. They tried to tell me that I must have tried to ship something in the last couple of days. Ummm... no. Then they told me that the $60 was merely and estimate and that they have no way of knowing the correct amount until they pick up the package. I completely understand that, but 3x's the estimated amount???? Um.... I don't think that's gonna fly either. The charge is still pending on my card and hasn't actually posted, so I don't have the identification numbers that the FedEx guy says should show up on the statement with the charge. So he finally told me to give it a couple of days and call back.

More to come, obviously.


Katie B said...

Are you SERIOUS?!!! LOL

Derek said...

Yes. Unfortunately.