Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iron Bowl

Well the turkey was great and the dressing was fine,
We saw all the kinfolks and had a good time,
We had leftovers for supper and we took out the trash,
Now get ready for game day and the Iron Bowl bash...

The game's in the east, over by Opelika,
You can ride in your car or hitch on with a biker,
Or if you ain't got the ticket, the time or the gas to burn,
You can sit on the couch and suffer through Gary and Verne...

Auburn comes in seven and four on the season,
And if you've got the time, they've got the reasons,
Injuries, depth, coaching changes, they've rehearsed it like singers,
Plus Tubberville left and took all his fingers...

But the War Eagle folks aren't in a 'tizik',
They got a new coach, that fella named Chizik,
They've won seven games, they're as happy as can be,
And, shoot, 3 of those wins were in the S.E.C....

They like their new coach, and if they don't, that's a shame
It just took folks six months to remember his name,
But at Bama our coach is more well-known by far,
'Bout what you'd expect ---from a movie star...

Auburn's fired up and hoping for the upset,
They're buying up all the toilet paper they can get,
But when the Tide starts risin', and their knees turn to jelly,
They might need that paper for the upset in their belly...

This year Bama's eleven and oh again,
And it's a mighty big shame that Pride is a sin,
'Cause when we say "Roll Tide!" we sure don't mumble,
If you're a Bama fan it's hard to be humble...

And speaking of humble, Auburn's guy, Ben Tate,
Came right out and said that he's the best in the state!
He was serious, he meant it, it wasn't a joke,
I guess nobody told all of those Heisman folks?

See, they think the best back is that Ingram kid, Mark
Because, as they say, "he runs it out of the park",
With a few good blocks we'll hear Eli's call, loud and true,
"Touchdown Alabama!, ball carried by Twenty-Two"...

But the Bama defense has really played well,
It's even been described as "six seconds of hell",
The Tide comes from all sides, like water jets from a fountain,
And in the middle of 'hell' stands a mighty big mountain...

Tiger fans should remember Rolando McClain,
It's really quite easy, his name rhymes with 'Pain',
That's what they'll be feelin' from this all star head-hunter,
And a busy day at work for the War Eagle punter...

We expect a good game and the licks will be violent,
The Tide fans hope that Jordan-Hare will be silent,
Except for the cheers for the crimson and white,
As they light up the scoreboard and tell Aubie, "Good night"...

They say "It ain't braggin', if you really can do it",
And the Crimson Tide is ready to get to it,
On the menu Friday night is War Eagle gizzard,
And then, next week, "Here! Lizard, Lizard, Lizard..."


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