Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't written in weeks, and I am sorry. I've actually sat down several times to post something, but just haven't felt "inspired". So I thought I'd take a minute and catch you all up on why you haven't heard from me. Most of this will be old news to a lot of you, but maybe you won't be too bored with it.

To start with, I changed jobs. I no longer work in public accounting. Instead, I have taken a position with the City of Tuscaloosa as Accounting Manager in the Finance Department. The choice to change was not a personal one. It was strictly a career move. I started August 18th, and so far everything is going well. There is so much to learn, but everyone has been very nice and very helpful. I have very little free time during the day though, so there hasn't been much time for blogging.

Also, my father-in-law, Terry, had an abdominal aneurism that ruptured about 3 weeks ago. Long story short, he was flown here from Demopolis and should not have lived. The doctors and nurses have all said that he is a miracle. He stayed in the hopital nearly 2 weeks before going home. But he is steadily recovering and regaining his strength. We are shooting to get him back to Bryant-Denny Stadium by the Auburn game.

Heather has started teaching on Tuesdays up at the hospital. I think she instructs the nursing students who are doing their clinicals. The extra day has really thrown our household schedule into chaos. Add to that, the fact that she is traveling to Demopolis on Thursdays to visit, and also that it is Bama football season, and you can imagine how crazy our lives are.

So that's it in a nutshell. Short and sweet. We're just running around like crazy folks. Eventually I will get around to posting our football stories.

Until then.....

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