Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Couples Baby Shower

Ok, here's a new one for me. We are friends with 2 different couples who are having babies. Greg & Kelli Kitchens, and John and Elizabeth "E" Hall. Well, a couple of months ago, we decided to have a baby shower for them, along with Chris & Jessica Sentell, and Jack & Leigh Kennedy. I've never actually been to a baby shower before this, but we decided that we should do a "couples" shower so that the guys would be able to participate as well.

Over all, I think everything went very well. We had a "Messy Nacho" bar for our supper, and Leigh Kennedy's Sopapia Cheesecake for dessert. We had chips, Rotel cheese dip (with and without meat), salsa, onion, black olives, jalepeno's, sour cream, Heather's guacamole, and lettuce. The party started at 6pm and we started eating around 6:30.

After everybody had eaten, we divided up into teams of guys against the girls, and played Baby Pictionary. There were words such as quadruplets, breast pump, pickles & ice cream, and morning sickness. I'll admit that I had my doubts about this game, and nobody remembered the actual rules of play, so we were a bit slow getting started, but it actually ended up being a lot of fun, and I think everybody enjoyed it a lot. Each team had 10 words, altogether, and the game ended in a tie. I think the girls missed Pickles & Ice Cream. I can't remember what the guys missed.

Then we played "Guess the Baby Food Flavor". For the most part, this was gross. I actually found a couple of them that I kind of liked though. The prunes weren't bad, and I tasted something that was kind of like Chicken and Dumplings that was halfway decent. Of course there were absolutely terrible ones as well. I don't think anybody guessed over 3 out of 8 jars.

After the games, we gave the couples their gift. This was a Diapers and Wipes shower, so most of what they got revolved around baths and diaper changes.

We had a good time getting to see everybody. It was a lot of fun.

Wow. We're getting old.

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